It\’s a Digital Future and Better than You Think

Post-Lockdown options are greater than ever …

The various Covid-19 Lockdowns across the world have proven for many to be a CAREER RESET opportunity. Despite the trials and tribulations, 2020 has proven that \’mobile and remote working\’ works. A digital lifestyle is now less an option but more likely, the future.

The Good Life – Northern Mozambique

When setting up this site a few weeks ago I wanted to have a background photograph that represented the kind of life that one might aspire to. There were several stock photos that I liked but none quite resonated. So, I went through some of my own old photos and settled on the location, Pemba in Northern Mozambique. I was fortunate to have worked there on an oil and gas project for a number of years. 

The location is a pretty, rough and ready, bush camp / bar built around a mangrove inlet on the edge of Pemba Bay. We gathered there, almost religiously, on Sunday afternoons, played some touch rugby or volleyball, swam and had a social beer or several.

Remember when people used to shake hands, hang-out and mix with folk outside the family circle, be sociable?


One particular Sunday coincided with a high spring tide, but we battled on in any case! Determined as ever, we consumed several ice-cold beers before returning to to the coalface, ready for another week trading time for money in an industry that was unwittingly cruising to the scene of a major crash. 

Well, it wasn’t exactly a coalface…

We worked in a temporary office complex on the edge of about a several thousand square miles of bushland and, thankfully, also far from Corporate HQ. We were still subject to the corporate decision-making process and the winds of world economics – similar to many other office in the world in fact.

With little warning, several months later, this was all gone – history, just like that

And then the crash …

The bush camp was apparently sold for a new port development and then the ‘ass’ fell out of the oil market, for the third time in my career. Contracts were cancelled across the industry. Rig owners were compensated and staff at all levels sent home to an uncertain future.

I ended up returning to Ireland, slightly in shock, and wondering what to do next … probably not unlike another 50 million people around the world just now as we navigate this Pandemic Lockdown as best we can!

Retirement may still not be an option for many of us. The problem is that, over any recent career span if one has not moved around, the working environment, and the prognosis for a secure retirement has changed imperceptibly, but drastically. It no longer makes sense to say that “I want to just retire and go on a world tour, a cruise”, or whatever else remains on the bucket list – like that remains a real possibility for at least the next while.

What would a secure retirement look like anyway?

Age-wise, retirement remains several years away financially, even if all the plans remain intact after 2020. In any case, if it is viable, retirement probably isn’t a sensible option from the health and general welfare point of view.

In my own case, with the outlook of a thirty-year old, the option would be ruinous! Imagine sitting at home, waiting month after month for a stipend from the state or a so-called institution. Even for those luck enough to have an income supplemented by quarterly instalments from personal savings and pensions, the saved for income will almost certainly be taxed into insignificance, if they haven’t been whittled away over the years by thieving financial institutions?

Despite the considerations above, I don’t believe hanging around and waiting for the governments of the world, and the captains of industry, to resolve the fallout from the Lockdown is a viable option.

Longer term, spending time looking at alternatives and moaning about the current state of affairs rather than taking charge of our own circumstances, would only defer the inevitable, whatever that is, That time will slide by in the blink of an eye if you allow it! 

The alternative is to take an active hand in managing you future, your savings and investments and deciding your role in the world and your business or your job, if you still have one. 

The big question is what to do next?

So, how you see your future, and that of your family, over the coming years?  Do you take action, or just hurry up and wait?

The sad fact is that the government, your boss, and your financial advisor are too busy sorting their own mess, to sort yours ! In short, it’s probably time assess your current position and re-invent, re-tool and do what it takes to just get going again!

The simplest actions are often the best so just now face the facts and assess where you are now relative to where you thought you might be and then just decide where you want to be in one, five or perhaps, ten years.


  • Review you income plan – has it served you well in recent years?
  • Re-evaluate your needs vs your wants – if nothing changes are you on target?
  • Look at your alternatives and consider your passions
  • Consider what you really want to have and to become over the next several years.

In the initial years since my own \’reset\’, I decided to go the traditional route of entrepreneurship and franchising only to find that, in reality, all I had really done was buy myself a job! Worse, in doing so, I continued to whittle away my retirement nest egg … until the recent Lockdown presented me with another kicking … and more importantly, another opportunity for re-evaluation … a WAKE-UP CALL, more like.

A move to the Gig Economy …

Although I had been aware of the internet and it’s possibilities since the 90’s and had flirted with a couple of website startups, stock investments and so on, I never really considered a role for myself in the ‘gig economy’ much less a ‘digital lifestyle” during my initial ‘reset’.

I effectively ended up buying a job by taking on a renewables franchise and tinkering with photography as a hobby. I even toyed with stock photography and registered with a few stock sites and sold a few dozen shots online for pennies … but lo and behold, it really does become a passive income in time! I never really looked at either route as a serious route to a sustainable passive income … until recently.

… or directly to a Digital Lifestyle?

Following a recent review of my own situation, I started digging into the possibilities for a digital lifestyle. Surprisingly, I found the dizzying array of opportunities that are just sitting there for the taking.

In fact, I probably regret, to some extent, my more rushed and focused decision of a few short years ago where I chose the traditional entrepreneur / start-up option – but hey ho … we all live, learn and move on

Over the last several months on this journey, I stumbled across Mentors as an efficient route into learning about both e-commerce and affiliate marketing with the option to then chose which to build longer term to support a sustainable digital lifestyle. After weeks of looking and dancing around carious ideas, chasing rabbits down on You Tube and Blogging sites, I finally took a leap of faith and now arrive on the cusp of a new, exciting chapter! 

The final part of my journey was based around a series of videos: it\’s free to register and receive the training.

Conclusion? With a little imagination, the options presented for growth are limitless.

2020 has proven a RESET opportunity. While the pandemic may still have a way to run, I would hate to come out the other side wondering where the time went, or, what was I thinking about to allow this time whittle away?

The ‘new’ digital world is here and now

There are now possibilities and benefits beyond belief for growth-focused individuals and companies alike.

It is now feasible to gradually reduce your hours at the office, work remotely, or very remotely if your heart desires, and take mini-retirements throughout the remainder of your career. Traditional companies have now accepted that ‘mobile working’ works.

A flood of companies continue to re-structure and right-size, under the cover of various furlough schemes, to allow for mobile working in the post-pandemic world.

When the music stops for the government supports, we will see who paid attention … and, who goes out of business. I suspect that the winners will be those who adapt and \’allow\’ team members a more balanced their work-life schedule. This may be offered, whether team members like it or not … so best be ready!

To keep ahead of the game, you might consider your own options to work alongside your chosen career, at least for a time. Imagine, for a moment, options based around a digital lifestyle concept that allow you to work anywhere in a world with internet connectivity. Whether you are sitting at home, in a hotel in South Africa or a coffee shop in Rio, it is now virtually irrelevant! You can literally work remotely in all major markets, living where you are happiest, with those you care for the most. 

(Re-)Training for the Digital Economy

Digital technologies, proven over years and accelerated in recent months are bringing about sweeping changes in the workplace ranging from meetings and staff management, to business and consumer buying habits. As the trend continues employers will be keen to reduce high, centre city office costs, and corona virus or virus-du-jour transmission risks. They will increasingly offer more work-from-home and consulting or freelance opportunities. 

Opting for, or at least considering, a digital lifestyle allows you to take control of your situation and plan your next steps towards a brighter future. A sound plan will relieve the uncertainty and provide you with independence and flexibility to design the best future you can imagine for you and yours.

  1. If you are serious looking at your options, and maybe already aspire to a lifestyle where you are in control?
  2. Or you\’re looking for a genuine way to supplement and secure your current lifestyle around your day job?
  3. Or you may at a loose end, looking for your opportunity to grow and contribute without breaking the bank?
  4. Or you may be just fed up of having that not-so imaginary ceiling on your limited 9-5 income potential?  

Then please be sure to check out this FREE VIDEO SERIES that\’s been responsible for helping THOUSANDS of people just like you to start an online business from scratch and change their situation entirely or work their day jobs.  Take charge and redesign your future.


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