About Me - Jim Houlihan

Here is just a brief bio - you can always see more detail in my LinkedIn profile ... but this is more about me:

The short story would be that I am a qualified engineer and an MBA and over thirty years in international oil and gas managing operations and projects all over the world.

Starting at the bottom of the ladder and returning to study engineering as a mature student, I was lucky to build an engineering career from the ground up and went on to thoroughly enjoy what some might consider a nomadic, laptop lifestyle ... until the a** finally fell out of my chosen industry a few years ago.

Over this period, I am lucky to have lived, worked, and traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia, and Brazil.

Naturally, following what looked like the imminent and untimely demise of my chosen industry, I had to reinvent, retool, and repurpose. I retrained as a Certified Energy Manager and bought into an energy advisory franchise and later started more project work in renewables - it really does seem to be the way of the future.

In the interim, based on previous travels and hopes for a passive early-retirement income I studied travel photographer, and subsequently a travel writer and copywriter. More recently I have entered the world of affiliate and online marketing with much enthusiasm.

Other than the usual industry committee representations, several small, but important for me, pieces of silverware in the area of rugby and golf over the years, life has been rather dull on the awards front. Probably my biggest win has been my family and two great kids who are doing well at school and college.

Moving to the area of online consulting, and digital marketing has not been a sudden move - something I only realized recently: I have essentially been on the edge of the internet since 1995, having co-founded an online auction company and probably one of the first SaaS companies without knowing it! Those companies are still in business ... just. It just looks as if the stars were never quite aligned!

Anyway, following a gradual move to affiliate and online marketing over the last couple of years, I am looking forward to more explosive growth and a still-early retirement on a passive income to support my digital nomadic lifestyle ...

Jim Houlihan