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Today, I want to introduce three tools to help you design and build great sales funnels and create stunning high-speed pages that convert more online customers. Imagine, if you could then turbocharge the process to create conversion machines with quizzes and exponentially increase engagement with your potential clients. To win your confidence, these tools would probably need to be user-friendly and make your life easier, right?

Convertri, Simulatri and Quizzitri help design and build high-speed pages, increase engagement and convert more online customers.

Why do you need tools that convert?

People come to your website, or landing page because they have a question that needs to be answered, an itch that needs to be scratched or any number of other reasons – they also have an extremely short attention span and you have mere seconds to satisfy that need … or they will move on and you will never see them at your storefront again! That\’s the long and the short of it!

Building web pages, home pages or landing pages are generally not as easy as many of the gurus on YouTube or similar would have you believe – in fact, at the start, it can be downright frustrating as you grapple with the concepts of marketing, branding, messaging and several thousand other ideas … and at the same time try to MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!!!

There is a solution.

There are in fact several solutions including Clickfunnels, Builderall and so on, that partially fit the bill with varying degrees of success … but tools like Convertri, Quizitri and Simulatri actually make it easy for you to create lightning-fast pages that convert.

Here\’s a review of the three tools that could well help you boost your small business\’ conversion rates.

  • Simulatri is a great tool that can help you design sales funnels. It\’s easy to use and comes with a wide range of features that\’ll make your life easier.
  • Convertri is another great tool that can help you build high-speed pages. It\’s user-friendly and comes with a lot of features that\’ll help you boost your conversion rates.
  • Quizitri is a great tool that can help you create quizzes and collate the results. Research has shown that quizzes, by virtue of the psychology that forces people to answer questions also serve to massively increase customer engagement and therefore eventual conversion.

This combination of easy-to-use tools, from the same system designers, comes with a wide range of features that\’ll make your life easier while you\’re trying to increase your small business\’ conversion rates.

It\’s almost like a Swiss Army Knife for online marketing and particularly online affiliate marketing and eCommerce.

Design Funnels That Convert More Online Customers

There is no question that increasing conversion rates is essential for any small business – we all need customers to come through the door and buy, right?

Without conversions (moving people through a funnel to a point where they are willing to make a purchase), all of the time and effort you put into marketing, advertising and crafting your offer, is for nought and we all know generating traffic can be a daunting task at the best of times.

Small businesses need all the help they can get to increase their conversion rates and maximize profits.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process to improve the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action, such as signing up for a mailing list, making a purchase, or downloading a white paper i.e. take the action you want them to take on your page.

As a small business, where building sales funnels may not necessarily be your calling in life or you simply cannot afford the marketing budget but do want a quality \’front window\’ for your business it\’s important to have tools in your arsenal that will assist you in:

  • building high-speed pages that don\’t frustrate your potential clients and damage your ranking on the search engines
  • converting your ideas into funnels and confirm that they will perform before you waste time building them
  • designing great sales pages and funnels easily from proven templates

Great tools for building high-speed pages quickly should not frustrate you in the building, your potential clients with their short, ever-shortening, attention spans in the using, and certainly should not damage your ranking on the search engines (and remember, Google just loves speed and engagement!)

With Simulatri, Convertri and Quizitri you get three great tools that can help you achieve all these goals in double quick time – without the heartache of waiting in line for a developer or in hope that the guy or girl on Fiverr will deliver (not that Fiverr doesn\’t have great people at great prices, I use them all the time for certain tasks).

These people can\’t operate in a vacuum without great tools either – this costs YOU! Fortunately, using Simulatri, Convertri, and Quizitri makes the task much easier and more efficient. Let\’s take a look at how each tool can help you increase your small business\’ conversion rates.

What is Simulatri and What can Simulatri do for you?

If you\’re looking for a great tool to help you design sales funnels, Simulatri is the tool for you. It comes with a wide range of features that\’ll make your life easier as you work to increase your small business\’ conversion rates. With Simulatri, you can easily map out an entire funnel in advance, ensuring that every step of the process is accounted for – right through to conversion.

Simulatri will also allow you to create a model upfront and then test it against various events or contingencies, happening or not happening, essentially allowing you to see whether your funnel might make any money for you:

  • you see your entire funnel at a glance – better than scraps of paper stuck to a whiteboard!
  • project earnings and later re-check against your actual results including your mission-critical numbers such as ROI and CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • identify weaknesses e.g. areas where your customers are disappearing
  • see opportunities where a tweak or freebee might make the difference
  • move, restructure and fix problems before and as they arise (they always do)

With Simulatri, you have everything you need to visualise, design and optimise a great sales funnel concept – then when you’re happy you get to click a button and watch the funnel magically get built (more or less) in front of your eyes.

Click here to see all the features and current pricing for Simulatri

Where does Convertri Fit In, and Why Is This The Cornerstone Package?

Convertri, as you may have guessed, is brilliant. I use it and am a great fan. It\’s simply great for making great-looking, lightning-fast sales funnels quickly and easily … and subsequently tweaking them to increase performance or as they say in the marketing trade test, test, test – it\’s easier to manage and test your own ads and content than pay someone online to do it – especially at the start.

With Convertri, you can quickly and easily create high-speed pages that are designed to convert your visitors into customers.

You don’t need any tech HTML, programming or design skills. They have awesome-looking pre-made templates that you fill in the blank! The user interface is laid out simple and clean with everything on one page making it easy for beginners like yourself to use right away without getting overwhelmed by all the options instantly available at your fingertips.

You can import pages from other websites and then customize them in a new way that you have control over. You can choose where to put content, videos, and photos on any given webpage.

With a \”free form editor,\” you can import pages from other websites and customize them in a new way. You can choose where to put content, videos, and photos on any given webpage. This is possible because everything is loaded into one easy interface. This interface has been designed so users do not feel overwhelmed when they first see it.

The package is being constantly updated and improved with suggestions from users on Facebook groups and interactive webinars. The pricing is competitive, and there is a 25% discount for annual billing.

The package is constantly being updated and improved with suggestions for many of the improvements coming from actual users on their Facebook groups and frequent interactive webinars. Pricing is competitive with a Pro version and a 25% discount for the annual billing option.

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Why quizzes on Quizzitri convert more online customers

The power of quiz building, not for its own sake but with the specific intent of increasing engagement, is undeniable. From Neil Patel to Ryan Levesque, people love testing their knowledge and proving how much they know about various topics!

  • They\’re highly engaging for users. People love to test their knowledge and see how they stack up against others. This makes quizzes a great way to capture attention and keep people engaged with your content.
  • Quizzes are a great way to generate leads. By requiring users to input their contact information in order to receive their quiz results, you can quickly build up a database of potential customers.
  • Quizzes are an excellent way to segment your audience. By asking questions about users\’ needs and interests, you can more easily target your marketing efforts towards those who are most likely to convert.
  • It\’s human nature to want knowledge of ourselves. That is why the \”Which _ Are You Actually\” or What Type Of _ Quiz works so well- it drives that inherent need for self discovery!
Quizzes are an incredibly powerful marketing tool for a number of reasons.

What are some ways you can use quiz building to improve your marketing?

One way is by creating a short, interactive form that poses questions about the benefits of subscribing or buying product A from company B. You could then offer prizes for people who answer these queries correctly! This will give users an incentive not only to fill out their information but also provide incentives like freebies if they take part in this fun activity with others on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter where there may already be many engaged followers waiting eagerly ahead of time so it shouldn\’t take long before any new subscriptions generate income right away.

Quizitri is the perfect tool to turbocharge your sales funnels and convert more of your website visitors into paying customers. With Quizitri, you can create quizzes that are designed to convert your website visitors into customers.

Quizitri comes with all the pre-requisite features including amazing templates, pre-written examples, the ability to integrate with your autoresponder (I use aWeber) and the ability to integrate the quiz seamlessly with your content, your blog or social networks such as Facebook to increase traction and reach. Couple with this you have the similar lightning-fast page speed that you get with Convertri.

Quizitri is a tool that makes it easy to create interactive, shareable quizzes. Not only does this help you improve conversion rates but also increases brand awareness through social media platforms like Facebook or Pinterest!

Why use Simulatri, Convertri and Quizitri together to increase conversion rates

When it comes to boosting your small business conversion rates, using Simulatri, Convertri and Quizitri together is a great way to go.

Simulatri allows you to design and model your funnel and debug it afterwards once you see your market data, while Convertri makes it easy to convert those plans into the pages that make up your sales funnels. Quizitri is the perfect tool to add interactivity and boost engagement, two key factors in converting more leads into paying customers.

By using all three tools together, you\’ll be able to create a sales funnel that is not only designed for conversion but also engaging and interactive, and to increase engagement and ranking further all your pages will be super fast to keep the Search Gods happy.

Click here to see all the features and current pricing for Quizitri

Conclusions and recommendations

Used together or separately, Quizitri, Simulatri and Convertri are all easy-to-use tools, very similar in the way they each deliver the goods promised and each can help you convert more visitors to your site by turning them into leads and paying customers.

Using them together you\’ll be able to create sales funnels that are not only designed for conversion but also to be engaging and interactive. Your pages will convert and rank better when they\’re faster. Combine this with the power of Quizitri\’s interactivity and your small business may soon see an increase in conversions and profits. So if you\’re looking for ways to boost your online business, using Simulatri, Convertri and Quizitri together is a great way to achieve that goal.

To start with, if you’re still labouring under the inherent penalties in WordPress websites, are not happy with your current page builder, or are shopping around for your first one, you’ll find Convertri really certainly lives up to its name and reputation.

Convertri offers a free 14 day trial so you can give it a spin without any risk.

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