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The Genie Script – A First Review

The Genie Script is a 30-day program created by Wesley Virgin and has been on the market now for several months. I gave it a test run over the last couple of weeks and here’s my take on the program so far.

Firstly, you may well ask, who is Wesley Virgin? 

Look him up on YouTube. He one of the more prominent affiliate marketers out there, especially when it comes to online business and manifestation success. 

He has a following of more than a million people and was able to generate in excess of $30 million over the years  through as an influencer and promoting fitness products

Forbes Magazine describes him as, “a self-made millionaire who credits mind hacks and mindset for his success and these allow him to bring entrepreneurial ideas into life”.

Forbes Magazine

He is also the creator of Virgin Media based in Houston, Texas.

About the Program

In this 30-day program, Wesley shares some really powerful and refreshed information on self-help, mindset calibration, and a number of meditation techniques. 

The program offers a credible solution to help people achieve emotional, mental and financial success by tapping into the power of their minds through meditation and manifestation. 

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In this 30-day program, Wesley shares some really powerful and refreshed information on self-help, mindset calibration, and a number of meditation techniques. 

The program offers a credible solution to help people achieve emotional, mental and financial success by tapping into the power of their minds through meditation and manifestation. 

Anyone who has ever studied meditation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or attended seminars from the more popular experts in this industry like Tony RobbinsBob ProctorT Harv Eker etc. will recognise the basic material. In this program however, Wesley has distilled and re-worked the basic concepts and processes to speaks directly to a twenty-first century audience, to his audience, in a clear, concise and digestible manner.

“The Genie Script” as a product name may be somewhat puzzling to some, but the idea of the genie, meditation and manifesting have been intertwined since Aladdin was conceived by Aesop and more recently Disney. Other teachers, such as Bob Procter, also use the concept of “the genie within” to present the concept of the conscious and the unconscious mind, that our results are the manifestation of our unconscious programming and basically that everyone of us can also manifest our dreams and desires if we properly understand the right techniques to apply. “Thoughts become things” as they say.

Main Features And Learnable Skills In The Genie Script

If you are teachable. You must be receptive to the information to be successful …

  • Find out how to get mental clarity with a step-by-step blueprint to overcome any challenge, important for yourself and your loved ones to overcome the current pandemic and other things that life might throw in your way
  • Eliminate negativity and a disempowering mindset that could discourage you and prevent you from attaining the life that you truly desire
  • Wesley talks about how he has used meditation and neuro-linguistic programming to transform his outlook on life and his outcomes, dramatically
  • Start to see productive and lucrative opportunities everywhere you look as you take action and your mindset changes
  • Learn the mental conditioning techniques that Wesley has used since deciding to generate his first $1 million in revenue
  • Wesley teaches you how to properly use meditation to refocus on your future
  • You will also learn a number of tried and tested secrets, and specific meditation techniques to support you on your journey to a better future

Overall Experience and Impression

To be honest making the purchase was a bit of a chore. Whoever advised on the marketing probably needs to have another look – they almost lost me in the process! The story seemed way too long, does not reflect Mr Virgin’s personality as it comes across in the program or on You Tube. Anyway, stick with it! It is worth the wait to get the program.

When going through the offer, be careful on the upsells. The additional offers come thick and fast once you push the ‘Buy Now’ button. I avoided the upsells to additional packages, preferring to prove the basic package first. 

The value of the program, and the bonuses offered in the basic package is not in doubt. I’ve tried, or at least am working on it, as I write.

If the additional programs are as good as The Genie Script, I may go for them in due course. For now I didn’t need the additional expense.

Throughout the program, the information is practical and very well laid out.

By the end, you will know exactly what to do after a few short 10-minute sessions. You will learn both the basic theory and the practice of the simple meditation process. Repetition and practice is recommended.

The simple meditation techniques form the core of the program and are supposed to be effective when repeated over about a month or so.

In addition, you also get recordings of binaural beats or meditative music to work and play by. These support the basic mindset programming … that’s the package in its essence.

The package

  1. 4 x 10-Minute Meditations Every Week: During these 10-min sessions, Wesley teaches how to master his unique meditation techniques. There are four (4) of these session every week but I prefer twice a day – to develop the habit.
  2. Video Training On The 5 Meditative States: The secret to meditation is understanding the process and there is no good or bad meditation, it is not a game you win at … it is a process learned over years. In these training sessions, Wesley breaks down the five brain wave patterns or states (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma). He also explains very well, the activities associates with each state and when to put yourself into each state to see results.
  3. Access to a Private Facebook Community Using the power of community, Wesley provides access to a private FB community. Here you can connect with others on the same journey. This can help in staying focused for the over the 30 days recommended for the program, and beyond.

Additional bonuses included in the program:

Bonus: Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track: This simple binaural beat track will engage your brain in a totally unique, highly-potent state of manifestation simply by listening to it.

Bonus: Kundalini Touch Exercise: This exercise is a bit bizarre, seemingly grounded in science, and uses sound, mantra and energy healing to awaken beliefs in abundance and manifest physical desires rapidly.

Bonus: Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises: These apparently help develop your third eye and help you to connect your inner self, and spirit and strengthen one’s psychic and manifestation abilities, etc.

Bonus: Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios: This technique allows your mind to effortlessly concentrate and manifest your desires while you walk or work through your day-to-day routine. I do quite like this one.

Pricing and Availability Online

The price when I got into the program was about $43. Given the value of the package, I thought that was more than acceptable. But do run through the marketing package and you may do better, or worse, on the day. Just don’t come crying to me!

The online program is available and accessible as soon as you make the purchase.

I would recommend the files to your phone and take them with you in the car, walking or wherever.

In case you still find the price and the value questionable after this review, the program does comes with a 60-day, 100%, no quibble, money-back guarantee. 

But, even as a beginner with no knowledge of meditation whatsoever, if you follow the program, and do what it says, I really do not expect that you will use that very generous guarantee.


Wesley Virgin designed The Genie Script as a meditative prescription for your financial, mental, and emotional health. The program should be consumed over 30 days and promises to positively alter your mindset and allow you to manifest tangible results.

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of research, the practicability of the insights, and the ongoing changes. This was especially true given the attitude and mindset changes that I have seen since taking on the program. I believe it takes longer to see the result in the bank account. Saying this, I remain confident that I will more than recoup the cost of the program in due course.

As with any program, or medicine, or vaccine for that matter, The Genie Script will have its detractors and naysayers for various reasons. But, as they say in the movies, “if the medicine works … keep taking it”, and right now I intend to.

Don’t forget that if you want to learn more about The Genie Script program, you can follow the link below.

I hope this review helps and  in answering your questions.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments.